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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 22, 2016 2:06am-2:33am EDT

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it's best to stay off the mayor's radar while she and your mother go toe-to-toe. it's not gonna happen. spectacle or no, i'm gonna stand by my mother. i'd say it's a spectacle. have you seen the new crimson? yeah. if you're e ferring to my mother's portrait, i am aware. ere's a lot of press here. yeah. i didn't realize there'd be so much buzz. well, i bet the new crimson cover helped. whato you mean? you haven't seen it? look. hey, keep up the good work. you want me to drop the lawsuit? i don't. the mayor does. she sent a team from the health department to shut down theetro court on nonexistent code violations. she's blackmailing us. i think the correct term is "extortion." either way, the outcome's the same -- you drop the lawsuit, or the metro court stays closed. mr. cooper. hehe call me brad. or bradley. no one ever calls me that, but for yoi'd make an exception.
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i'd love to grab dinner with you and yoururianc\ sometime. i'd love to hear the story of/how the happy couple fell in love. [ chuckles ] sure. that'd be great. i just need to check with my better half. in the meantime, i was hoping you could fill me in on the tracy quartermaine biopsy results. i am sorry that i didn't say anything before. well, mom's gonna murder me for even telling you now, okay?'s bad. you need to come home, ned. [ gasps ] oh! tracy? oh. [ sighs ] oh, monica, i had a dream i saw alan. he was waiting for me. no, tracy, that was just the medication talking. no, it's not. it's not. it's my subconscious sending me a message.
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tt2wmrst@! po j# , d tt2wmrst@! p!!*n \ , tt2wmrst@! p4!j# *6x tt2wmrst@! px#*&`:-8, tt2wmrst@! pt#j'`:98h tt2wmrst@! pt#j)`:2x, tt2wmrst@! pp#j*`:%c0 tt2wmrst@! pp#j,`:d9p tt2wmrst@! pl#*.`:m0\ tt2wmrst@! pl#*0`:v&4 one doctor thinks that it's cancer, and the other doctor says that it's -- it's something else. [ scoffs ] supposedly we're suppopod to get the results today. no, aunt monica is already on top of it. look, mom is bad, okay? and she's only getting worse. i mean, she can't even tell what's real from what's not real. i've never seen her like this. i'm scared, ned. tracy, it was just a dream. you have to stay positive. what was i thinking? i'm just having seizures and unexplained spots on my brain. but there's pudding, so it's not all bad. we don't even have a diagnosis yet. and whatever it is may very easily be treatable. and it may not be. it's one thing to be optimistic, monica,
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i have to be prepapad for the worst, and so should you. well, i'm not gonna let you die. you may have to. monica, if my next seizure leaves me unable to communicate and -- and hooked up to machines, i will not be a vegetable. do you understand me? and this is way too soon to have this talk. monica, this is not a "talk." this is an order in my healthcare directive. if i can't pull the plug, you have to. so, you're still on the tracy q. case, huh? well, technically, i was never it. dr. mayes is the doctor of record. oh, too bad for ms. q. oh, dr. mayes is a good doctor, but even a good doctor over time can get... a little less curious and a little more rigid. [ chuckles ] very, very generous of you. you remind me of lucas,
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all right. ms. q's biopsy results. you get first look. what the hell is this? oh. sorry. valerie: hey, dante. hey, valerie. you okay? oh, yeah. i'm -- [ chuckles ] i'm great, actually. we just won $1,000. "we"? we make a pretty damn good team. yeah. uh, this is my friend curtis. curtis, this is dante. yeah, i remember we met at the floating rib. i don't remember you. oh. were you here for me? no. unless you're moonlighting here at crimson. i'm looking for somebody in charge. julian, i didn't know you had it in you. well done. oh, well, thanks, but i owe my success to your mother.
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yeah. mom helps you out with this kind of stuff? of course. i mean, mom is awesome. i just never really considered her... what? a fashion plate. what does that have to do with anything? crimson's a fashion magazine? crimson? um... yeah, how ch of the day-to-day stuff are you involved in? or do you leave everything up to nina reeves? maybe she's the one we should be praising. praising for what? yeah. sure. um, i -- i'll do an interview with barbara walters about the crimson issue. yeah. [ chuckles ] i mean, yeah, no problem. have her people call my people. thank you. oh, my god. oh! and the likes and hearts are through the roof. oh! we're hardly into day 1 of issue 2, and people are already clamoring for more. this is a perfect tease. everybody wants to see the full issue. a perfectly bound, true issue of crimson. it'll sell like hot cakes. we're a h-- hello. dante, what are you doing here? are you trying to put together the full issue?
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but there are other prizes to be won. e'm not here for the prize. i'm here for you. what seems to be the problem? [ sighs ] well, our esteemed mayor just shut down the metro court for health-code violations. ohh. yeah. she's trying to force us to drop the suit. mm-hmm. [ sighs ] i can go to sonny. i can. but before i paralyze the city with a garbage and transportation strike, i wanted to check with you. i wanted to see how serious you are about pursuing this. i am not backing down! and this is not just for me. this is for every mother who ever runs afoul of any mororizing prude who wants to complain about the way she nourishes her child. okay, i -- the mayor? she can do her worst. i've got the law and the peopl on my side. okay. garbage strike it is. i have a better solution. [ whispering ] but i'm gonna need your help to make it happen. there has to be a way.
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bad move throwing in with the new guy, mr. cooper. we all have the patient's best interest at heart. i warned you to stay out of patient's affairs, dr. munro, but you went ahead and violated her right to privacy. now you both will reap the consequences. i'll have your job, and yours, too. [ scoffs ] [ sighs ] please don't ask me to do that. you want me to pull the plug if you're incapable of doing it? there's no one else. yes, there is. there's dillon and there's ned. i won't burden my sons. monica, you're a doctor. you know how these things go. and i know you won't make a sentimental decision, not about me.. because i don't care about you. tracy, you have been wrong about soany things all your life.
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even now. oh, monica, come on. monica! monica! monica, is everything okay? ! uh, yeah. everything -- your -- your mother's fine. tracy's...just being tracy. [ chuckles ] i'm so sorry. i know that she can be very...difiicult. it's part of her charm, right? [ chuckles ] what would i do without your gift of understatement? what would i do without you? i mean, you' the one that's keeping everybody grounded throughout this whole thing. i know that my mother does not say it very often, but she does love you, aunt monica. [ sighs ] well, i don't exactly when or how or why it happened,
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[ voice breaking ] i don't want to lose her. we won't. [ sniffles ] tracy: monica! oh! get your hands off ned right now! mom! are you arresting us? don't be silly. i called them. why? dante: we'll get to that. i'm here right now because you guys air-dropped thousands of pages of your magazines on top of the pcu campus. ooh, and over the harbor bridge -- stay out oit. oh, my bad. is leafleting -- is that illegal? it's littering. it's guerilla commerce. it's free enterprise. tell that to the pcu grounds crew who are stuck cleaning up your mess. which is why crimson mobilized its own crew to pick up all the pages not snappepeup by our readers. yeah, well, i smoothed things over by makina generous donation to pcu's journalism program. no more stunts. there would be no need for stunts if we weren't being sabotaged at every turn. which is why i called the police. we are victims of corporate espionage. that's not even the pcpd's jurisdiction. tell it to the feds.
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[ chuckles ] curtis. whatever. [ vavarie sighs ] wow. like father, like son. dante's actually not wrong. local police don't investigate corporate espionage. no, they won't, and crimson won't be a prrity for the feds, either. i, however, will put you at the top of my list. #crimson and #realwomen are trending. it's crazy how they are throwing all the pages all over campus and the mall. it's a gutsy move. if i weren't here supportingom, i'd be at school scrounging my own copy. all my friends are teaming up to find all the pages of the issue. [ sighs ] you can't buy publicity like this. julian, you are going to make a mint. and you can maket happen. so, what do you say, carly? well, i think a garbage strike is just as effective and a lot more painful for the mayor. but this is actually gal. bailiff: ladies and gentlemen, find your seats.
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spread the happy! ned, do not let this womanget her hands on you again. really, monica! you think you can take another pass at my son just because i'm a little out of it? tracy, tracy. you can't -- you're mistaken. i'm mistaken? yes. i know what i saw! you were all over ned! mom, it's me. it's dillon. oh, ! i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i was soure. i -- i... it's okay, mom. oh! i remember you from new year's eve. you were trying to recruit me as a model. yeah. you didn't tell me you were a private investigator. so, what kind of cases have you handled? um, tracking down deadbeat dads, exsing cheating spouses? it's not always that nitty-gritty. i even do the occasional glam work of a secret shopper.
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look, if someone is trying to undercut your efforts to resurrect this magane, i'll find out who it is. curtis used to be in law enforcement. "used to be"? uh, yeah, but i was allergic to all the rules. you see, a p.i., they can go places that the authorities can't and do things that they won't, like take your case. and the feds, they won't give you the time of day unless you bring them a ready-made case with evidence already collected and wrapped in a neaea little bow, which i'll be happy to provide for a reasonable fee. you'll vouch for him? yeah. i mean, i wouldn't be $500 richer if it weren't for him. and he had some really grere ideas tracking down those pages. good enough for me. you're hired. did i miss anything? no. we're just getting started. we are here today because my client has been harassed and threatened with arrest for breastfeeding her son,
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however, currently, there's no penalty in place for violating said law. there is no recourse for a woman who is told that she can't breastfeed her kid in a public place. we seek injunctive relf. we are asking the court to compel the city to enforce this law that is already on the books, as well as punitive damages for every day it fails to o so. we are also king for monetary damages for my client for the abridgement of her rights. thank you. judge horowitz: ms. miller. your honor the defense will prove that the plaintiff's complaint is a frivolous waste of taxpayer money, a thinly veiled attempt at a public-relations ploy with no grounding in actual legal fact, and as such, should be thrown out of court with prejudice.
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ms. davis, call your first witness. thank you, your honor. i would like to call olivia falconeri to the stand. [ sighs ] dillon, why don't you go find dr. mayes. he's got to have those test results back by now. i'll get your mother settled. mom. go find the doctor. go on. all right. do you understand? i will honor your healthcare directive. i don't want you to lose your job. i wish you'd put all the blame on me. [ chuckles ] well, there was a time when i would've. but new-and-improved brad
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especially since it's old dr. mayes who's the one in trouble. what do you mean? i took a look at ms. q's biopsy resultss before mayes ran off with them. and? well... oh, i, u made a copy just in case. sesefor yourself. can i get you anything? how about a diagnosis? oh. well, dr. mayes, do you have tracy's biopsy results? i had a chance to look them over. what did they say? well, the good news is you don't have cancer. and what's the bad news? yes. if it's not cancer, then what is it? i have no idea. mmmm
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mmm mmmm mmmm, yoplait you don't know what's wrong with me? may i see the results? i thought the biopsy was supposed to tell us what's wrong with her. it narrowed down the possibilities. it indicates the lesions on your brain are not cancerous. oh, and you were so sure. well, he was wrong. all indications pointed toward cancer. the biopsy should have confirmed that. there's a possibility the lab made a mistake. the lab? well, the technician involved is not infallible, so i could have someone run the tests again. no, no, no, no. that's a waste of time. these results are definitive. tracy, you do not have cancer. well, no cancer is a lot better than having cancer, so i think we should get out of here. i don't. i donon. sweetheart, get my clothes. you're not going anywhere, tracy. those lesions are taking a tl on your body and your mind. you have to have immediate medical attention right at the ready,
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okay, so, if we have no idea what's going on, then what do we do now? well, we find somebody who does. now, i don't have a medical degree, but i have seen enough biopsies to know cancer when i see it and when i don't, and that is not cancer. so, you were rightand mayes was wrong. uh, whatever's going on in tracy quartermaine's head -- i've never seen anything like it before. i think i have. really? then what is it? dr. munro. your presence is requesteded so, your first issue ended up green, and your second issue arrived in pieces? that's weird, right? yeah. what do you think? is there something to it? two disasters in a row? most definitely. i knew that. i knew that. okay, when can you start? as soon as i'm retained. and we collect our prize money for the completed issue. what she sd. my rate is $500 a day plus expenses.
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julian's not gonna know about this at all. julian's not gonna know until curtis comes back with his findings. who-who's this julian? julian jerome, our publisher. he's ignored our concerns, says that we're paranoid. yeah, he told us to shut up and gegeback to work. i assure you, my assistant and i will keep everything confidential. okay, great. um, we have to go to the courthouse to cover a story. um, so, i will write you a check for your retainer and your rewardrdoney -- are these yours? sorry. no problem. just don't leave them on my desk again. we're gonna stick around and do a low-key inquiry with some of your employees, see what we can dig up. go for it. thank you. you're officially hired. all right. [ chuckles ] [ clears throat ] "assistant i suppose i could've said "sidekick." you're pushing your luck. yeah, but you like it, right? i mean, i hit the jackpot wiwi you. not yet you haven't. well, look. don'you worry your pretty, little head. our next date will be more befitting a woman of your caliber.


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